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My name is KC Evans. I’m the CEO and founder of

I’m going to tell you how and why came to be, but first I need to give you some context by telling you about myself.

I'm an investor and entrepreneur that buys, grows, and sells established businesses across North America and Southeast Asia. 

When I acquire businesses outside of, I almost always partner with other people that bring different skills to the table. Marketing, finance, operations, etc.

I'm always the acting growth expert of the groups because that's my greatest strength.

So, whenever we acquire a business, it is my sole responsibility to strategize how we'll grow the company before an exit is made (usually we’ll shoot to double the business in the first year).

Being in the M&A world, I’ve seen that there are a very small number of people that actually know how to grow a business on purpose.

(Especially once you get into the $2M-$10M+ range and up)

Most of the time, if someone is actually skilled at growing businesses it's impossible to hire them. Because, well, they just don’t need, or want to be, hired.

Every year I get people coming to me asking for my help to grow their businesses.

Many people I shut down, because honestly, it usually wasn't worth it for me.

However, I would take on a certain percentage of people that asked to become private clients.

As more and more people asked to become private clients I decided I would do something to make it easier to help more people without getting too distracted on my main goal with M&A.

In 2019 I opened to offer a very limited number of seats to three specific ways I would help those that applied to become private clients.

The first is called, "Judgment Day" (my wife came up with the name). It's where I'll come into your business for an entire work day (8 hours) and do a deep dive. 

I only open one seat a quarter (4/year) and it costs $60k. My clients usually end up 10Xing their investment pretty easily because they're at the level where one problem solved could save them millions.

The other option is called "Unfair Advantage." This is a 12 month advisory program where I personally help clients scale over the entire year. I limit it to 24 clients a year and it costs overall about $80k, but it's split into payments over the 12 months.

The last is one of the big reasons I do all this, and it's call "Ride-Or-Die." It's a long term partnership agreement where I get a minority stake in the business and help grow it over a period of 5-10 year in preparation for an exit (it's by invitation only and it's only an option for my favorite clients).

Over the years I've helped many of my clients more than double revenue in less than a year, without adding anything to their businesses, literally just removing bottlenecks and increasing efficiencies. 

I've also helped many clients double profit, without increasing revenue whatsoever.

In early 2020 the pandemic hit.

I saw there were a lot of people suffering so I ended up having the website turned non-profit. 

I spent all of 2020 and a majority of 2021 helping businesses survive and recover from the pandemic for free.

I got featured in a couple major news outlets and helped a lot of people struggling.

Some of the businesses I had the opportunity to help save are family businesses that have been passed down for generations. 

In October of 2021, the site was switched back to for-profit, and I'm once again accepting private client applications.

If you would like me to help you grow your business, scroll to the top and click on the button that says “grow.” Everything you need to know will be there.

Kindest regards,

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