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For Immediate Release!

Investor Lending A Selfless Hand To 1,000+ Business Owners…

KC Evans is pledging the entire year of 2021 to helping businesses recover from the pandemic.

(Hurricane, Utah, December 18th, 2020)
KC Evans, an investor who acquires and scales small to medium-sized businesses, announced that he is pledging the entire year of 2021 to helping 1,000+ business owners recover profits lost due to the pandemic. KC will achieve what he’s calling, “The Rainmaker Mentality Initiative”, by personally advising 1,000+ businesses. This charitable initiative is one of a kind, as there is no other investor of KC's expertise willing to take on such a project for free.
Business owners wanting to benefit from the initiative can apply by reading "The Letter", KC’s message to business owners fully explaining the opportunity, at RainmakerMentality.com (there they will find a link to the application.) The initiative will officially begin on January 1st, 2021. All the success stories the initiative produces will be posted on the site as well and will be added throughout 2021 as businesses make recovery progress. Donations are also being accepted on the site to increase the impact of the initiative.
(Three quotes from KC, found in "The letter", shown below.)
I’m pledging the ENTIRE YEAR of 2021 to helping 1,000+ business owners grow their companies’ profits, FREE-OF-CHARGE! No gimmicks, no expectations, no catch, nothing asked for in return, just pure value given to help those who keep this country running."

"Small to medium-sized businesses are the backbone of our economy, and they’re all being put to the slaughter. I want to have a hand in saving the owner operated businesses of this country we live in, and be assured, I have the skills to do so." 

"By helping owners like you enhance your businesses and recover lost profits, I’ll also be indirectly helping the thousands of employees employed by your companies."
More quotes can be found by reading "The Letter", KC’s message to business owners fully explaining the opportunity.
If you’re interested in getting more info about the initiative from KC through an interview, speaking engagement, etc, you can contact him at RainmakerMentality.com/contact 
or you can email him at RainmakerMentalityInitiative@gmail.com
Press Kit:
Name: KC Evans
Title: Business Investor, Philanthropist
Locale: Hurricane, Utah
Pronouns: He, Him
Headshot Links: Click Here
Contact: Click Here... or email KC at RainmakerMentalityInitiative@gmail.com
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